Kat/Eye Studios | Meet Kat

Hi Friends!

I'm Kat and I love LOVE!

No, seriously, I do. 

I've been a full time wedding photographer for over 8 years and absolutely adore every minute of the planning process, anticipation, and creating memories. 

I'm a tattooed, 34 year young, fixed-gear-bike-riding hipster residing in the gorgeous prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan {it's in Canada... don't worry, I had to google it at one point too!}  I'm originally from Boston, then Chicago, and eventually landing in the middle of Canada.

My story is long (one day I'll blog about it, and put the link here...) but it's safe to say that I LOVE ADVENTURE!  It's common to find me traipsing across fields, down alleyways, and pushing my clients to go for the gold, when it comes to creating a unique photograph. 


I also offer small business consultation, cross-border consultation, and general tips on how to make your wedding day AWESOMESAUCE!


I absolutely love creative, unique, and nerdy humans. Let's CONNECT!