Kat/Eye Studios | Associates


* Adam - Adam is a Boston-based, New England photographer who finds magic in everything.  He knows there are always more places to see, more people to meet, and more emotions to be made into memories.  Adam has been photographing digitally for nearly 10 years and has years of experience with film, before making the switch.  With his relaxed approach, Adam is able to truly capture your most intimate moments, creating lasting, lively memories.

Little known fact:  Adam is a HUGE Doctor Who fan.  Like, the sonic screwdriver, big blue telephone box, and Daleks type of fan!



* Isi - Isi is a Chicago-area photographer with a love for finding & capturing pure joy.  He has been chasing important moments for a little over 5 years and loves every minute of it.  With his laid-back and fashion-forward approach, Isi's photojournalistic stylings are truly unique.

Little known fact:  Isi is a published fashion photographer and is also a painter.  He has been published in multiple magazines and has hung his paintings in many different galleries.



* Daryl - Daryl is a Chicagoland, detail-oriented photographer.  He has been dabbling in both photo & video for 15+ years (starting at just 10 years old!)  He's been in the professional game for over 6 years.  Daryl has a fun, dramatic, and comprehensive photography style - ensuring absolutely everything during your day is captured.  He loves what he does because it truly enables him to be creative, but also to inspire others to do the same.

Little known fact:  Daryl loves making (and eating!) good food, as well as taking road trips.  Road trips to eat food, mainly...  He also admits to being "slightly" nerdy.