Hi There!

I'm Kat and I love LOVE!

No, seriously, I do. 

I've been a full time wedding photographer for over 5 years and absolutely adore every minute of the planning, craziness, and memories.  You can catch me saying that I could be a planner in my second life.   Turns out I thrive in chaos and am a pretty darn good problem solver.

Need something mended during bridal prep?  Got it.

Need boutinnaires pinned on?  I'm a pro.

Forgot safety pins?  I've got some.

I've also probably got granola bars, extra water, and some band aids.

I'm a tattooed, 33 year young, fixed gear bike riding hipster originally from Chicago and now visiting fairly full time in Canada.  I've lived a lot.  My story is long (one day I'll blog about it, and put the link here...) and suffice to say, I can genuinely relate to nearly everyone.  I love craft whiskey, independent documentaries, and Doctor Who & Star Wars.  If you've heard of Leslie Hall, we can be insta-bff's.

I absolutely love creative, unique, and nerdy humans. I want to tell your story.